The case for investing in employees’ psychological development

24 Jul
13733911 - hand with pen drawing pyramid chart on whiteboard
It’s easy to make a case for why companies should invest in the development of their people. Countless studies have shown that development opportunities are a primary reason people take a job and also why they stay put. The bigger payoff ... Read more »

Increasing engagement and motivation using the brain-based SCARF model

30 May
We know from the work of Abraham Maslow, Frederick Herzberg and others that we are best motivated by satisfying higher level psychological needs such as mastery, autonomy, status and achievement. Contemporary work by Edward Deci and others focuses on autonomy, relatedness and competence as ... Read more »

Want high performing teams? Stop bullying, start supporting!

4 Sep
If you think bullying people into upping their performance is a good approach, think again!  Research by social neuroscience researchers at UCLA suggests that when we feel threatened, our brains are much less efficient. The threat response is both mentally ... Read more »