Scary decline in empathy, why it matters and what we can do about it

25 Jul
I spend a lot of time observing behavior in young technical professionals. My job is to help hire the best and accelerate their development. I’m fortunate in that the organizations I work with recognize that success is about more than ... Read more »

Want high performing teams? Stop bullying, start supporting!

4 Sep
If you think bullying people into upping their performance is a good approach, think again!  Research by social neuroscience researchers at UCLA suggests that when we feel threatened, our brains are much less efficient. The threat response is both mentally ... Read more »

Safety: The Human Dimension – Part II – The Impact of Natural Biases

20 Aug
Safety isn’t a process, it’s a way of being – a way of thinking and behaving. Creating a safe culture means understanding subconscious biases that often lead us astray. It means acting mindfully rather than blindly.  Conscious awareness of these ... Read more »