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DisruptHR Presentation – Become a “Best Place to Work” from Pam Holloway



Pam’s Special How-to

Knowledge Transfer Options & Strategies

The Business Case for Knowledge Eliciting

Identifying & Prioritizing Critical Knowledge

Articles, Papers by or about Pam & Partners

Pam is interviewed for Washington Post articleGOP’s Primary Problem: Would you want to have a beer with any of these guys? 

Passing on Know-How. Jean Thilmany. HR Magazine, June 2008

Knowledge Harvesting During the Big Crew Change. Larry Wilson and Jeff Stemke. Chapter from Knowledge Retention: Strategies and Solutions by Jay Liebowitz, 2008.

Knowledge-Based Exit Interview – Part 1. Pam Holloway. Workforce Magazine

Knowledge-Based Exit Interview – Part II. Pam Holloway. Workforce Magazine

How to Use Mentoring for Knowledge Capture. Pam Holloway

How to Create a Knowledge Sharing Culture. Pam Holloway. Knowledge Management Magazine. 2000.

How to Protect Knowledge from Walking out the Door. Pam Holloway. Workforce Magazine 2000. 

How to Hire the Best Person for the Job

The How-to of Motivation

How to Clone Your Best People

High Cost of Mis-Hires

Sales-Marketing Strategic Perspectives Series: 1) Are you truly client focused? and 2) How are you creating value for your customers

The Art of Questions


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